Alliance Agreement

National Security Agency  Alliance Agreement

Members of both NSA and the members of the allied agency must agree to and follow this agreement.

  1. All potential alliances must have at least 200 members on their main badge.
  2. All 3iC+ members will receive SV or Alliance badge in both NSA and the allied agency.
  3. Alliance members are to not fill any stations within NSA or the allied agency.
  4. All members must follow the other agencies rules while in their base.
  5. Do not transfer people from the allied agency and the allied agency should not transfer members from NSA
  6. Both agencies may participate in any events that the other is hosting.
  7. Any misbehaviour, trolling or general rule breaking will be reported to a Founder, Owner or External Affairs representative.
  8. Both agencies should follow any Mafia-related rules set by each other. (In NSA Mafia are Ban-On-Sight no matter the circumstances.)
  9. Both agencies must remain active in order to keep allied status.

Please contact a member of Foundation or the External Affairs Team if you are interested in becoming allies with NSA.