Purchase A Rank

You can Purchase any of these ranks from anyone in Ownership Or Foundation. Please check their badges before making a purchase. All Official NSA badges are owned by welshdragon92 or Official_NSA

Rank Prices Per Division:

Agent - NFS

Security - 20c 

Trainer - 30c 

Detective - 40c 

Development Team  - 50c

Human Resources  - 100c

Top Rank  - 200c

Special Forces  - 300c

International Affairs  - 400c

Top Management  - 500c

Government  - 600c

Congress  -700c

Presidential- 800c  (only founders can do this) 

Ownership - 1000c limited availability  (only founders can do this)

Founders Rep - 1500c limited availability (only founders can do this)

Foundation - 2500c limited availability  (only founders can do this)

If you are already a member of NSA and would like to buy a higher rank, the price of the rank you would like is the division you would like - the division you are e.g. if you were Security and wanted to be in Trainer, you would remove the price of Security (20c) from Training (30c) and you would pay the difference (10c).  This is only applicable to divisions up to presidential.

Special Extras:

Special Visitor 20c 

Bot of your likeness in Base for a month 50c 

Permanent bot of your likeness in Base 250c

Choose the name of your role on discord 200c

**Please note these ranks can be taken away if it is found you are not following NSA CoC and Agency Rules**