Leave Of Absence


When do I need to apply for Leave of Absence?

Any member that need to be away from NSA for 7 days or longer will need to apply for LOA on our portal. Your request will then be reviewed and you will be asked to join the LOA badge.

Ownership+ that need to be away from NSA for 7 days or longer will also need to apply for LOA on our Portal.

What happens if I don't apply for LOA?

If you are away from the base for longer than 7 days and have not applied for LOA then the following will happen: Pay points reset, perms removed from the portal and placed on LOA on discord until you return back to NSA.

For ownership+ the same will happen as above but you will also be demoted to the leadership division and will only regain your previous role when foundation feel its suitable.

What f I have an emergency and I am unable to log onto Habbo?

You must message someone from Ownership+ at your first opportunity. However, we will only know if you inform us. If we are not kept updated then we will assume you haven't been into base and action will be taken as above.

Can I come into base while I am on LOA?

Yes, you are more than welcome to visit base. However, you are not permitted to work on any stations or collect points. You must also wear your LOA badge and make your motto [NSA] LOA [date of return]

You will also be placed on LOA on the portal which limits what you can do on the server. You may also have BA and portal perms reduced.