Pay Rules


At NSA you can earn pay daily and weekly through special bonuses.

Daily Pay

Daily pay is designed to capture every timezone and give every member an equal chance to earn rewards for their hard work.

Our Daily pay system is currently online based and allows our members the freedom to earn and collect pay at their own convenience. This is because we no not have any restrictive pay times.

Minimum requirements to start earning daily pay is that you work in base for at least one hour.

Once you have worked an hour in base you are then able to go onto the portal and submit a daily pay form. On this form you will need to let us know what pay period you have worked, add two witnesses that have seen you work within base.

Each day is broken up into four separate pay periods and you are able to submit a daily pay form for each of these pay periods. This then gives you the freedom to work when you are available, at your own convenience without the restrictions of having to be in base at certain times.

Here are the times of the four pay periods:

Pay period 1 - 00:00 to 05:59

Pay Period 2 - 06:00 to 11:59

Pay Period 3 - 12:00 to 17:59

Pay period 4 - 18:00 to 23:59

All times within NSA follow the UK timezone, If you need to check what time it is in the uk you can see this on top of the portal page.

Once a pay admin has checked it over your form they will add pay points to your portal account. At the top of the portal you will see pay points and bonus pay points. This is your current balance that you are able to redeem. Each point shown on the portal is worth 1c. so if you have 20 pay points on the portal you are able to redeem 20c from any pay admin.

For each period all standard members will receive 2c (2 portal points), iC members will receive 3c (3 portal points)

Bonus Pay

You can earn bonus pay by the following:

Recruiting members - see recruitment document

Transferring members - 5c for ever 10 transfers that are still active 

Training Recruits - 5c for every 10 recruits that remain active 

Promotions given - 5c for every 10 people promoted

Special Units

5c each week if tasks have been completed and signed off by the director of the unit

Bonus pay will be updated on the portal on a regular basis by our pay admin. Bonus pay is different than daily pay. Bonus pay is only paid on a monday. It will take account your activity from the previous week. Anyone that doesn't claim will have their bonus pay points reset.

What Can I get with my pay?

Coins - Each point you have on the portal is worth 1c

HC - you can save up 35 points to claim a 31 day HC box

Ranks - you can save up your points to purchase ranks. Each point earnt will be worth double. So if you have 20 points that will be 40c off your next rank purchase.