Code Of Conduct

Work hard, have fun and express yourself!

At National Security Agency we aim to let our members work in the least restrictive way possible. We want all our members to work hard and have some fun while earning coins and gaining promotions to higher ranks.
The Code of Conduct is in place to ensure that NSA remains a safe and fun environment for all its members and anyone visiting our agency.

Uniform/ Appearance

At NSA we believe in giving our members the freedom to express themselves. Therefore, there is no set uniform within the base. Members are free to wear any clothing of their choice including masks.


Effects within the base are not banned, however if base begins to get laggy you may be asked to remove your effects. If Government+ ask you to remove your effects due to it becoming laggy for others then this request must be carried out. Any refusals will result in disciplinary action.

Colour Chat

Members are permitted to use any colour chat.


While in the base members mottos must contain NSA - Rank - Rank Points  Members are permitted to remove the [   ] from their motto and use other symbols, so get creative.


You must wear your highest ranking badge while you are in base. All Official badges at NSA are made by welshdragon92 or Official_NSA only.

Members are not permitted to create or copy NSA badges without prior permission from foundation. Any members found creating or copying NSA badges will be subject to disciplinary action or even fired without prior warning if foundation deem fit.

Any staff found with other agency badges may get fired from NSA without prior warning!


Dancing within the base is allowed at any time.

Effects Rank/SV Sales

Do not initiate the transfer of credits for the sale of Ranks unless you are Ownership+. If anybody wishes to purchase a Rank or SV, then you may contact Ownership+ on their behalf.


Members and visitors are permitted to speak in any language within base. However members must have a good understanding of the English language to work at NSA. Please also ensure that you do not make others feel left out if they do not know the language you are using when speaking with your friends.

NSA Discord, Forums and the portal are strictly English only.

Room Rights/Badge Admin

Only trusted and highly ranked members will be given RR/BA. Please do not ask/beg/suggest for RR or BA to be given to you or someone else. RR/BA may be taken away from members without prior warning if they are found to be abusing it or if foundation feel it is not required or poses a risk to NSA.

Agency Hopping

Members who leave NSA will be allowed to return to NSA two more times. If they leave NSA for a third time then they will be unable to return to NSA and will be added to the do not hire list. Only Foundation are able to remove members from this list or Hire members that are on that list.


Do not ask or hint when pay points will be updated on the portal, these points will be updated every 1-3 days.

Click here to see the Pay Rules page.

General Rules

Members are to remain loyal to NSA while working for us. This means no double jobbing and no leaking any NSA information to non-members or ex-members.

Respect everyone (members/non-members of NSA), regardless of rank, gender, race, age or beliefs.

Do not Spam/Flood Public chat in HQ, as it will be considered trolling.

Do not self-promote.

Do not ask for extra pay or rank points.

Do not let anyone in base without the correct badge and motto.

Do not ask or beg any members or visitors for items such as coins, furni or BC/HC.

Respect all of our allies.

Do not discuss issues out loud in the base, please use your divisional chat channels or direct message  to discuss any issues you may have.

Recruits accounts need to be at least 1 day old before they are allowed to join

Do not hire anyone on the do not hire list or anyone with Mafia related badges. 

Anyone that joins the Mafia while at NSA will be removed from the agency and banned without prior notice.