Rank List



Promo time: 20-30 mins


Trainee Agent

Agent I

Agent II

Senior Agent

Advanced Agent

Officer I

Officer II

Senior Officer



Promo time: 30 to 40 mins

Security Trainee

Security Agent I

Security Agent II

Senior Security Agent

HQ Security I

HQ Security II

Senior HQ Security

Chief Of Security

Security Inspector

Executive Chief Of Security


Promo time: 60+ mins

Student Trainer

Assistant Trainer

Trainer I

Trainer II

Senior Trainer

Head Trainer

Assistant Training Manager

Training Manager

Senior Training Manager

Head Training Manager


Promo time: x2 per person recruited (see guide)

Assistant Investigator


Forensics Investigator

Internal Investigator

Investigations Officer


Intel Operative

Intel Supervisor

Intel Specialist

Intelligence Captain

Development Team

Promo time: 2 hours+

Dev Officer I - Training Required

Development Officer II

Development Officer III

Top Officer

Intelligence Officer

Development Diplomat

Assistant Development Advisor

Development Advisor

Deputy Chief of Development

Chief Of Development

Human Resources

Promo time: 3 hours+

Assistant HR Advisor

HR Advisor

Senior HR Advisor

Training Supervisor

Training Advisor

Professional Advisor

Careers Advisor

National Helper

Human Resources Advisor

Manager Of Human Resources

Top Rank

Promo time: 4 hours+

Junior Manager


Senior Manager

HQ Manager

Senior HQ Manager

Assist. Superintendent

Dept. Head Of HQ

Assist. Head Of HQ

Head Of HQ

Special Forces

Promo time: 5 hours+

First Lieutenant



Lieutenant Colonel


Lieutenant General


General Of Army


International Affairs

Promo time: 6 hours+



International Detective

 International Officer

Chief Of Drug Control

Immigration Officer

Foreign Service Officer

Intelligence Officer

Program Assistant

Top Management

Promo time: 8 hours+


Crisis Control

Operations Specialist

Relations Specialist

Spy Coordinator

Division Chief


Elite Commander

Commander in Chief


Promo time: 12 hours+

Assistant Secretary

Secretary Of War

Secretary Of Agriculture

Secretary Of Energy

Secretary Of Labour

Secretary Of Law

Secretary Of Education

Secretary Of Treasury

Secretary Of Defence

Secretary Of State

Congress (4ic)

Only available if appointed by Ownership+

One member per rank

Assistant Speaker - Inquietude

Speaker - danielclare 

Chairman/ Chairwoman - Vacant

Minority Leader - Vacant

Majority Leader - Vacant

House Representative - Vacant

House Majority - Vacant

Senate Majority - Vacant

House Speaker - Vacant

Senate President - Vacant

Presidential (3ic)

Only available if appointed by Ownership+

One member per rank

Deputy Chief of Staff - Vacant

Chief of Staff - chris3180

Presidential Advisor - Vacant

Vice President - Vacant

President  - Vacant

Ownership (2iC)

Only available if appointed by Foundation

Authorised to issue pay and sell Ranks

Trial Owner - Lmfaosam

Specialised Owners limit of 1 per rank

Director Of Training - Vacant

Director Of Finance  - Vacant

Director Of Admin - Karmi87

Director Of Staff Engagement - Vacant

Director Of Special Units - Vacant

Director Of Foreign Affairs - Vacant

CEO - Vacant

Founders Representative  (1iC)

Only available if appointed by Foundation

Authorised to issue pay and sell Ranks

(Limit of 2 per rank)

laszlo. Representative - Vacant (1)

dvb58 Representative - Vacant (1)

.-Richie-. Representative - Vacant (2)

Welshdragon92 Representative - Vacant (2)

Foundation (iC) (NFS)

This division is currently unreachable by promotion

Co-Founders - Vacant

Founders - Welshdragon92, .-Richie-., dvb58